About Saurwein

Saurwein is Jessica Saurwein’s family surname. Steeped in the history of 17th-century winemaking, her forefathers made “sour” wine for the Emperor of Austria. It became her vocation to redeem her family’s reputation in wine and so after a gap year working locally and internationally in vineyards, she completed a BSc Oenology and Viticulture degree at Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

Opportunities then led her into the world of Sales and Marketing at first. She found her way back to making wine by starting her own production part-time in 2015. When she had a baby in October 2017 she resigned from her job to become a full-time mother and winemaker for her own brand.

Today she focusses on handcrafting her two favourite cultivars, Pinot noir and Riesling, and makes three wines under the Saurwein brand name, two Pinot noirs and one Riesling.

“It is my aim to achieve energy and harmony synonymously. The “hands-off” winemaking approach allows me to be guided by the natural balance of the grapes. For this, grape quality is imperative. I am fortunate to receive grapes from three unique vineyard sites. One is located on the foot slopes of the majestic Elandskloof mountains in the charming and picturesque Elandskloof Valley at 700 m above sea level. The other Pinot noir vineyard is located in the Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge region, near Hermanus. This is one of South Africa’s finest terroirs. The Chi Riesling vineyard is located in the fertile Elgin Valley, which offers ideal conditions for growing this energetic cultivar.” – Jessica Saurwein

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